LADAKH- A Dream Road Trip to Heaven

LADAKH- A Dream Road Trip to Heaven
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Way to Ladakh

Bro, leave everything. Let’s go to Ladakh.    Isn’t it fun to go to Ladakh, that too in a bike?    Oh, but you had gone to Ladakh as well.    You didn’t tell me about it?    It was an amazing experience of those 10-12 days.    Let me tell you from the beginning.    It was the dream of numerous students of college.    Its the dream trip to go to Goa.    But the dream trip of our friends was…………..    Going to Ladakh in bike.    And as it is said, whatever you do for the first time in life    You remember it for days.    Either its the first love or be it anything else.    So, before today I used the airplane mode    only to refresh the network of my Phone.    But today!    Normally, is the window small or is it larger than this?   

Flight to Leh

   Which none of us had!    Its huge difference to go to Murthal and Ladakh.    So, we rejected this option.    Arrange your t-shirt from behind!    I zoomed it bro!    What can I do, if its not done properly!    The second option was    Flight to Leh.    And then, after that to Ladakh!    But we couldn’t have completed the circuit in it!    There would be 5 rides.    5th Rider is Sanyam    Sugam you are also a rider ,  right ?     No Bro I am a Pro Rider    Who will sit behind me, tell me at the earliest?    felt bad for you    We can accommodate together!     You Ride Fast     *discussions ongoing!*    If something happens so that we get a bike straight from here.    Yes!!    So, we decided for the 3rd option.    And this story revolves around it.    The matter is that we’ve got the bikes.    And now we’ve got the feel!!    We’ll depart tomorrow morning.    Coincidently, you meet such people with whom you feel a next level vibe.    These 2 people came along with our trip.    Vikrant Bhaiya and Chetan Bhaiya    So, we left early in the morning but we had to stop at Sonamarg for 4-5 hours.    Because construction was on-going ahead of us.    So, as soon as the construction opens up    We leave further towards Zojila.    So, Ladakh is also called Land of High Passes. 


  If it didn’t rain there!    Its raining now along with really cold winds, temperature is low as well.    We weren’t ready for this weather.    We felt really cold on bike.    So, the snow has started to freeze    And…    Its very dangerous…….I’m not even able to say anything!    Hands started to freeze.    Snow started to leave small trails on the road.    Highest point on Leh srinagar road    Now, after coming down from Fatula, we needed a stoppage.    The place where we stooped was a very beautiful place.    We get to know from the resident people that its also called ‘The Moon Land’.    MY name is Rigzin.    The name of this place is Lamayuru.    It used to be cold during our childhood days, but these days its not.  

Kardungla and Mountains

   And in the freezing cold    Bro, it hurts from the belt.    So, next day in the morning we checked our blood and oxygen level.    And we layered a lot of clothes.    Because, our next stop was…    The mighty Khardungla    Now, after departing from leh, after some kilometers    Shubham was pointing towards the sky again and again.    Now, since I was riding a bike, so I can’t look up    Therefore, as soon as we stop     Shubham says – Just look up for a moment.    I saw this scene for the first time.    A rainbow ring was created around the sun.    So, Khardungla is only 1 kilometers away from here.    So, the snow laiden mountains that we admired from afar    while travelling we reached very near to them.    Its amazing, dude. Its always very nice to be here.    You know the highest motorable road in the world    We’ve spent 10-15 mins here.    And with you boyz, its amazing.    What had happened?    When I came here I felt a little dizzy, now I have trouble in breathing.    And, my head is spinning into vertigo a little.    *Singing into—-everything seems to be fuzzy*    Bro has been feeling a little dizzy and now I’m left alone.  

Nubra and Pangong

    We’ll be the victim of hypothermia    We’ll be the victim of hypothermia    in the language of bear grills – victim    We can even die.    I’ll fight with death.    So, today we’ll go to Pangong via Durbuk.    By google map it is 230 km    But it’ll take 5-6 hours to reach there. We’ll have 2-3 stops.    Enjoy the rides, guys.    Now, the fun to travel Ladakh in a bike    you can’t find that fun in any other.    You experience all of the scenes in 5D, the resistance of the wind    Its a totally different experience.    And the road from Nubra to Pangong    It was a very adventurous road.    Be it the off-roading or the scenes.    So, the condition of the lower back wasn’t really good.    And we all were very exhausted as well.   

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