CAIRO TRAVEL VLOG 2023 | in Cairo | Great Pyramid

CAIRO TRAVEL VLOG 2023 |  in Cairo | Great Pyramid
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Trip to cairo

I   would like to share my trip to cairo. With you all guyz . And i am very excited to visit this place.From very long time .And now i got the chance. And i also want to explore the middle east. Beacause the beauty of middle east . Is very famous. and every one want to visit this place.and finally i got it. And i am also gonna share my every single detail with you guyz .so be connected with me .and enjoy every single part of the video.

Chicken and Beef

case of the Pyramids of Giza it was actually  required like they give you a ticket for the    washroom. it’s 10 Egyptian pounds foreigners well  what’s the local person right look they even have.    it a actual printed ticket to go to the bathroom  this ticket is for the bathroom. right in the    entrance. which our guide said it was the cleanest  one it’s clean it’s fine but the doors don’t lock.    there’s water all over the floor also um.


we did  pay for somebody today was we were in Sakara . it’s our last night in Cairo  and I have to admit I’m very    excited to leave. we got to see all  the magical wonders of Egypt. but    the city is very exhausting and I think we  stayed one too many days here. to be honest  oh my God you have to get the  mango juice when you’re in Egypt .   so the musaka has eggplant this one has  some like potato wedges minced meat.

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