Finland travel vlog & Finnair business class review🇫🇮

Finland travel vlog & Finnair business class review🇫🇮
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 Arrival in Helsinki

Following the last video documenting our journey, we arrived in Finland from the Netherlands around 22:00 local time. Stepping into Helsinki airport, the Kyabin crew greeted me in Japanese, marking my return to Finland after approximately 3.5 years. With a short stay of 1 night and 2 days planned. We braved the 5-degree Celsius temperature and dove into the Finnish experience. And here there is so much cold. We are trying to survive an fine time. But the weather is taking us away so we have to be there for a little long time.

 Helsinki Exploration

Quickly adapting to the chilly weather. We conducted a Finnish price survey at kiosks and embarked on a swift. Train journey to Helsinki city. Our hotel, strategically located in front of Helsinki Central Station, provided. A cozy Scandinavian-themed retreat. With a glimpse of the Oodi library and a visit to Book Heaven. The new Helsinki public library, our exploration unfolded against the backdrop of bright colors. And high ceilings, making it a memorable experience.

Culinary Delights and Departure

The Helsinki adventure continued with a culinary exploration, including Finnish salmon soup and meatballs. Offering a taste of typical Scandinavian cuisine. The journey concluded with a regretful farewell to Helsinki. And a visit to the stylish Finnair lounge near the boarding gate. Boarding Finnair’s A350, we bid farewell to Europe and embarked on a 12-hour flight back to Asia. Marking the end of a delightful and comfortable trip filled with Finnish charm.

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