PAKISTAN-First Impressions of KARACHI (Overwhelming)

PAKISTAN-First Impressions of KARACHI (Overwhelming)
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New Country

okay I’ll sit  I think that’s a nice one yeah. so he’s  grinding up coconut in this giant press.  Hey oh wow what a space  my nickname Dougie Dougie and here’s the  pakora this guy is ready.  Good morning everybody this is Doug and  today I’m in a new country. I’m in  Pakistan. I’m here in Karachi Pakistan.  The largest city in Pakistan. it is a  massive massive Mega City home to like  15 million people. I’m just near my hotel .    how are you! oh hi what are you selling  juice yes juice and soda lemon juice. ah  okay very good wow there’s a lot of  cricket Happening. Here the national  sport of Pakistan.  I’m gonna get nailed. if I’m not careful .

Pakistani Food

I’m giving up on the chai for now I’m  getting hungry so we’re gonna go find  some Pakistani food to have for lunch.  All right guys I have come to the  restaurant here. I’ll put a clip of the  name of the restaurant right now so you  can see it if you want to come here. If  the food looks good I think it looks  excellent so right here got a nice plate  of Biryani. I told him medium hot because  normally I like spicy but this is  Pakistan.  And perhaps most importantly we’ve got  AC in here. so I’m cooling off and uh.  Let’s let’s give it a try here it looks  and smells amazing. So you’ve got the  potato there and there should be Chicken. 

Food and Spices

  how are you how are you how are you very  good fine. very good. what is this for  are you making shower canis . should I get one four  like a suit  no I want shower companies like this.  can I have okay let’s do it cello  which color . I don’t know which one do you think is  nice . how are you sir how are you nice to meet  you. I’d like to get uh uh shalwar kameez.  because this is too uh hot you know yeah  too sweaty. I think  uh  soft. please yeah  how much glue just one one pair no no no  I like.   I’m a bit confused about that if anyone  can tell me in the comments. what the  origin of this place. 


how are you.  very good are you working here or  shopping.  uh okay what are you buying . so what do you eat like the brain and  everything.  okay let’s see this is a good lesson for  me okay. come on oh okay all right a lot  of flaws .oh my gosh oh wow this is the  draw of a goat uh-huh. and we are just  slaving the pieces taking the meat off . of the off the head  this is the meat yeah you can see.. the  eyeball yes the eyeball inside wow . now I’m  all ready for Peshawar yeah.  I don’t know what video this is gonna go  in maybe I’ll put it in the middle of  the yesterday’s video. but anyway mission  accomplished.  I Live Now  turkey turkey my home Istanbul this is  the cookie . a lot of people here now  okay. no more  Pakistan  is so strong wow you should be the  mascot of Pakistan. you have such good  energy  and very strong too yeah wow  wow the pecs okay  okay.  

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