JAISALMER | Family Travel Vlog | Quad Bike Night Safari

JAISALMER | Family Travel Vlog |  Quad Bike Night Safari
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Desert Experience: A Sand-Filled Appearance

We set out on a desert experience on jaisalmer. Our fervor substantial as we explore the sandy landscape. The dry scene challenges our excursion. With worries about the vehicle stalling out in the delicate sands. Notwithstanding the dangers .We track down euphoria in the experience, with the vehicle energetically moving in the sand, adding a surprising rush. Our objective, a tent camp in Jaisalmer. Offers a one of a kind stay. The material tents, decorated with zippers and moderate locks open us to the desert’s components. As sunsets, the chill sets in, and the expectation of a virus desert night adds a layer of energy to our impermanent home.

Out of this world Excites and Desert Pleasures

The following day unfurls with thrilling exercises. Aayu takes to the skies. Overcoming a parachute experience that sways among dread and thrill. Pihu sticks to this same pattern, adding her touch to the airborne scene. Back on the ground. we saddle up for a camel safari, finding the extraordinary appeal of these desert occupants. Going romping through the ridges turns into a sandy race, with the desert testing our readiness. As the day changes to night, we witness a hypnotizing dusk, enjoy Rajasthani society music, dance, and relish the desert’s peacefulness under the elegant sky of jaisalmer. Closing with a night safari and stargazing, our desert experience uncovers the persona of Jaisalmer, promising more ponders in the days to come.

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