Palestine-A Journey – Travel Documentary

Palestine-A Journey  – Travel Documentary
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Palestine means a lot of different things to many people,  and may not be the most obvious travel destination.  It is often associated with conflict and political unrest.  However, it is also a beautiful and fascinating region,  with a vibrant culture,  ancient history,  spectacular landscapes,  and welcoming people.  On this journey I’m traveling through the Holy Land,  an area important to the three main monotheistic religions,  and today known as Israel and Palestine.  I’m going inside now to have a look.   So there is tabouleh, hummus, also some halva (tahini) salad with cucumber and tomatoes.  So what are we eating here Salwa?  Alright, on my plate I have the ‘mansaf’.  The mansaf is lamb meat, cooked with yoghurt soup, under a bed of rice.  Underneath the rice is a thin bread like this one, which is soaked in the yoghurt soup.  And they put almonds and fried peanuts on top of the dish.  Delicious!  With a full stomach and a lot of new insights, it was time to travel back to Bethlehem,  and onto Jericho the next morning.


  Good morning, we’ve just left Bethlehem, on the way to Jericho, the oldest city in the world.  I’m here with Nasser.  Hi, good morning everybody. How are you?  You have to come here, we will take you around.   He’s a guide, driver, and also friend that I met 5 years ago.  It’s great to travel again with him, so on to Jericho!  The road from Bethlehem to Jericho leads through some beautiful arid mountain landscape,   dotted with small towns and local farms.  It’s also mostly going downwards, as Jericho is located next to the Dead Sea. 

Hisham Palace

The palace functioned as the Winter retreat of a Caliph named Hisham.  And when it was discovered by archaeologists, they were quick to label it as the ‘Versailles of the Middle East’.  So this is the swimming pool and bathing house of the Hisham Palace.  It’s absolutely massive, and also beautifully decorated with mosaics.   The roof was created recently with the help of Japan, in order to protect the site.   We’re making beers with local flavors like Arabic coffee, red hot chili peppers, zaatar, and so on.  with incredible historic landmarks, important religious sites,  stunning natural scenery,  and friendly, welcoming people.  I continue my travels through the Holy Land in the next episode,  where I will be exploring Israel.  For now, I hope this video gave you some travel ideas,  or provided some new insights into this complicated, but fascinating part of the world.  Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you again next time.  Travel safely! i love palestinaa! 

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