Maldives Tour | Maldives Tour Budget & Visa

Maldives Tour | Maldives Tour Budget & Visa
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Maldives Planning

Hi guys, welcome back to distance between, I am Shubham and at this time,    seeing so many water  villas in my back side, you must have understood where I am.    Yes, I am in Maldives and many people    had requested, honeymoon couples    have requested that brother,    you can go to Maldives for our honeymoon planning,    so I have reached here and I     will tell you from the price of a single bottle here to    how much is the cost of a water villa    what is the overall the budget.    Which are the places to visit in Maldives, how can you do it, I will    tell you in this video including every small and big information,    so for complete information,    definitely watch the entire video.      

Maldives Tour

My speed boat is here and you have to    wear a life jacket and you can wear it and then go in it, so let me tell you the charges for it.    I am giving the charge of this boat,    on the resort where I am going,    it is 187 dollars, that is approximately    15000 rupees you are charged for one person.    175 is the charge and 12 is your tax, so this is    The overall charge and it is different for different resorts.    For some, it is even up to 30,000-40 thousand. The more    far you are, the more    you will be charged and those which are    far away, generally it    is done by sea plane,    so it depends what is your budget.       

Food and Rest

   The checking that happens here is second timing, at 2:00 in the afternoon, so if you come early before that, it    is not that you will be bored,    you will be comfortable. You can go to the pool here and have lunch here comfortably.    Lunch starts at 12:30, so right now    I am heading towards lunch and let me tell you what is there    in lunch. I have come here near the water villas.    You cannot    go inside the restuarants here wearing only pajams, swim wears, or wet clothes.  .  

Package Including

  If you want, you can get pasta etc. done here, that is also here,    and this sandwich is also here.    Is it veg? Yes. So I will take this as well.    so all these things are available here.       Since if your stomach is full then only you will be in mood..    They are made in different ways    there are cakes. If you have diabetes, then sorry, it is a bit sad for you.    Look, you have different types of fruits, there is also bread, etc. and there is a lot.    Hello, where are you from? Y    ou from Uttarakhand and have come here to Maldives a lot. I have been    to your place. 

Overall Charge

   This is the overall charge for you. If you want to do massage etc.,    then it is $433. For every dollar multiple it    by approx. 84 Because the value of the dollar is this much only. The resort also has a gym    and a gaming area as well, there are shops as well there is also a night performance at night.     You can spend your romantic time at the beach at any time.    Before going into my bathtub I reached here at the ocean. So here I am going in it    here till the time the water was filling.   

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