MANALI in Winters – Best Places to visit in 7 days

MANALI in Winters – Best Places to visit in 7 days
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Pune to Manali

This time I want to take you to Manali    and show you the places    in a way that you haven’t seen before.    Feels as if…    Don’t know if bag is holding her    or she’s holding the bag.    Its so low!    It will be very cold there.    We’re going on New Year’s Eve!    This bag is full of camera equipments.    Seems your bag is very light!    So we’ll stay here for sometime.    Feels amazing!    Getting good vibes right away!    You know its one of my  favourite fast food.    So with this, we end the day.    Its a bit sunny here.    Feels good to sit here.    I’m thinking    as today is a relaxing day.    so I’ll go around here    Its very peaceful.    So, I’ll go & do some running.    & it’ll feel good.    Would be a workout type    & I always wanted to slow travel  in mountains    & not do fast travel.    So this time,    that’s why I decided to do slow travel. 

Travel in Mountains

   We’ll stay in this property for a week.    I’ll go, do some running to feel good.    Actually, I wanted to try   slow travel in mountains since long.    During covid,    I tried this on the beach side    but in the mountains    I knew it’ll be a different feeling    because I love mountains a little more.    I got a different feeling this time    like everything has stopped.    During the winters    its gets evening time early.    We didn’t go far today    but just enjoyed the views.    We knew the weather was changing    & snowfall can happen anytime.    When we woke up the next day    the morning views looked like this.    After waking up early    I went to a mountain    overlooking the Manali city.    It felt so good to witness all these views.    & I got so excited for coming days.    The mountain we just trekked    is called Banara village.    We stayed for a while at this mountain    & suddenly the snowfall started    & thought Manali will become    winter wonderland today.    But that didn’t happen    as we had to wait for few more days.        You can find it according to different mood,    different genre.    You can apply lot of filters    to find the perfect song for you.    Maybe you need it for the vlog,    for the travel, for the film    or for the tech.  

Exploring old Manalil

  Basically anything!    Epidemic Sound also has more than    90,000 sound effects.    So, your music & sound effects    both are sorted.    So, just go to the link in description    & if you use my code    ANKITBHATIA50    then you’ll get 30 days free trial    with 50% off for the next 2 months.    Isn’t it amazing?    So, just go to the link in description.    Now, let’s continue with the travel video.    Hey guys good morning!    We’ve been staying here for few days    just exploring Old Manali    &  just explored the market.    Today, we’re finally leaving    for Sethan Valley    which is an offbeat location around Manali.    There were chances of snowfall yesterday    but as you saw it didn’t happen.    We kept waiting but it didn’t snow.    The weather has cleared today    & will remain like this for 2-3 days.    Then around New Year    there’re chances of snowfall.    So, let’s go from here.    See! I’ll introduce you to our friends    & who all are there with us.    This is our team for today.    – I’m Ankur Pathania & I love to travel.      I sometimes feel like saying    what an amazing life!    Good morning!    So, we’re leaving for Sisu today.    & will be covering all nearby locations.  

Atal Tunnel

  We’ll be going via Atal tunnel    & the weather today is crazy & insane.    I think it’s already snowing there.    Maybe while coming back in the evening    it might snow in Manali.    There’s a prediction for snowfall tomorrow.    We will be enjoying a lot today.    Let’s get going from here.    Its just the 2 of us today.    Sarika & I!    It’ll be an adventure today in Manali.    I’ve not explored that side much.    We have Lahaul,    a route going to Spiti,    another to Ladakh.     Some cars have even hit each other.    We’re just waiting for the road to clear.    JCB is clearing the roads over here.    Many people are here    & I don’t know how we’ll go back.    I hope everything gets done safely.    I’m very scared.    You’re not applying brakes.    Driving without brakes.    That night the snowfall didn’t stop.    It was snowing all the way    till we reached Manali.    Then the next day    we go for another adventure.    – morning guys!    Finally we’re super pumped up. 

Unexplored Place

   You can see it has snowed there..    – yes.    – it even snowed here yesterday night    – but oh!    – roll down the windows.    – what’s the name of that South Indian actor.    – Dulqueer  – Tulkar?    – Mr. Dulqueer is here.    – Mr. Dulqueer is here.    – super pumped up for the drone shots.    See where the camera is.    – I don’t know that much.    Let’s go!    I said in the start of the video    that staying here has its own benefits.          We’ve covered many locations in this video.    Maybe now you know    if you’re coming to Manali in winters    then where all to go.    I know there’re many other places here    that you might be exploring on your own.    We just had these days    so with this I take your leave.    Will meet you soon in the next video    with a new adventure.     Till then take care, bye – bye.    Thank you!    

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