Place of India- Meghalaya

Place of India- Meghalaya
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Beautifull Place

This beautiful place in North-East of India  is Meghalaya  “Meghalaya” means home of clouds.  So when you have come to the house of clouds  Clouds will keep coming in your way.  And in this house of clouds there is a place where not only  in India. but it rains the most in the world . This is the world’s wettest place, Mawsynram.  Nature is so kind on this beautiful place. that   this place has made so many records in the name of India.  which you may not even know.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records it rains  11,400 mm in a year i.e.  more than 37 feet of rain every year.


And still, it’s such a good feeling.  I mean, it’s the world’s wettest place . I mean, you will not get such views for such a long time elsewhere.  After a while, this signboard was also lost somewhere in the clouds.  Anyway, the weather cleared in a while.  So I started roaming in the streets of this village . Located at an altitude of 4,600 feet in Mawsynram. most of  the people are from Khasi community who have got their name  from these mountains. which are called Khasi Hills.  The culture and language of this place is quite different  from the rest of India.  And to get to know the life of this place closely  I had to talk to a local .

Pakora and Fries

Most people here don’t know Hindi . Actually, my father is Nepali . Oh, your father is Nepali  And my mother is Khasi  Your mother is Khasi?  Yes I see  My father was from BSF  From BSF?  Yes And I . I was born in Kashmir  Haha. You are a mixture of all India.  I was born in Kashmir.  I see  And in a while, the weather got bad again.  When it rains in our cities.  We sit in our window or balcony in the rain . Eat Pakora and fries.  Or just went out in the rain to enjoy the weather  But Assume, if it keeps raining for a week  Or for 15 days  Or for a month.  Will we still enjoy it like this?  Or will we whistle and get busy like these people? 

Indian Ocean

For that, you have to go to one of the high points of this village.   From where you can see this plain area which is Bangladesh . And after that is the Indian Ocean.  So in the monsoon season  In the Bay of Bengal of the Indian Ocean.  From where the monsoon wind blows  Meghalaya’s Khasi Hills comes right in the way . of these monsoon winds.  So when this humid or moist monsoon air passes through  these hills. most of the air is stuck here and rains.  And this is the reason why 70% of the annual rain here  happens in monsoon.  And maybe because it is such a special place. you get to  see such beautiful views here, which are hard to believe.  without seeing for yourself.  Look at the speed of the clouds.  I can’t believe it.  How fast the clouds are moving.  I mean, I think I’ll take their shot.   The views keep changing.  And every view is beautiful.  I can see these clouds for the whole day, but there is a  lot more to see in this village.


Then,    little little Hindi  When that happens, you feel the connection.  And it feels like, yes, maybe had a conversation.  It’s a little done.  That’s how it feels.  And that’s it.  Maybe I was the only tourist in this village.  I was thousands of kilometres away from my home.  I was even away from those who spoke my language.  But still, I didn’t feel any lack of belonging here.  Bye.  Bye.  Khub lai (Thank you)  Maybe we are at such a place where people look very  different from us in appearance, speech or culture.  But believe me, if you look for it,  you will find a lot of such things.  Which makes us all one, even after being so different.  Subscribe for more Videos. 

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