Antarctica-A solo Trip

Antarctica-A  solo Trip
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Drifting on mountains

– There are icebergs drifting past us,  giant snowy mountains and whales everywhere.  Welcome to Antarctica.  First you have to get to Ushuaia, Argentina.  It’s definitely an adventure hub.  There are a lot of really cool things you can do  launching from this city  and it’s known as the gateway to Antarctica.  In Ushuaia I boarded the Seaborn Venture,  thanks to Seaborn who’s hosting me for this trip.  I’ve always heard that their Antarctic experiences  are incredible.   The Drake passage is the body of water  between the southernmost tip of South America  and the South Shetland islands of Antarctica.  And it’s known to have the roughest seas in the world. And we have started drifting over here because of some adventure purpose. 

Drake Passage

  And the stretch we’re gonna be crossing is nearly 600 miles.  We’re about 13 hours into crossing the Drake passage.   I was just out on the bow watching albatross  soar around the ship, which is incredible.  These birds have wingspans up to 12 feet  and for some reason they like following the wake of the ship  so they’re actually hanging around us, which is very cool. 

On Shore

In some ways, it felt like we’d arrived at another planet  and the expedition team wasted no time  getting us out on shore.  So the way this works is the ship hangs out offshore  of a landing site  and then expedition leaders bring passengers to shore  in zodiac boats and the tentative itinerary  of the sailing is to travel along the Antarctic peninsula  making shore landings every day  dependent on weather conditions.   I’ve had so many moments on this voyage  that surpassed my dreams.  In a way, Antarctica always felt untouchable.  I didn’t grow up ever thinking I would come here  and now that I’ve made it  to my number one bucket list destination.  What’s next?  (upbeat reverb music)  

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