BALI | Magical UBUD tour | Travel Vlog

BALI | Magical UBUD tour |  Travel Vlog
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In Bali

So we are in Bali  .  We are outside of Ubud we met some guys in  Waerebo .Which might have been our last Vlog .   Actually and they’ve got a house here and  they invited us to stay they got a four bedroom.    Villa this is one side the balcony  .  With a pool nice view there.    Oh wait let me show the toilet oh toilet and  the shower.    And let me show you outside the front .   How nice is that here and you can see them  all working on the rice field up there so.    It’s so kind of them to last to stay and we  love it we will get pillows  .  So quickly before we’re about to get a grab .    I thought it was    I guess so what it is now and Jeremy the lovely  guy who was staying with gave us some sarongs    to walking around.

 First Temple  

 so that is first temple we got in it makes  so much difference when there’s not a lot    of people around yeah appreciate you so much  more oh yeah yeah it’s 100 times more beautiful    not in a queue to get pictures no queue behind  you just walk around it’s stress-free and    yeah you really do appreciate it so come in  the morning close the gate okay look okay    behind you [Music]    oh wow    you can afford that come on the edge come  to the end    fish and chips pizza and a view    it’s too bad if I eat with my hands go for  it you wash them dinner was amazing oh my    God and now we’re gonna go in the pool I don’t  know I prefer I think I prefer the dish    thank you [Music]    we made it okay we made it to our next place  we’re now at the take a long long roosters    it’s off to one of the most stressful journeys  of my life on that scooter 

Stressfull Journey

   yeah that restaurant over there doesn’t sound  very safe    so yeah stressful Journey for a beginner that  was tough on that road this was I mean even    not quite a bit you know for a beginner that’s  like I think the size of the road was like    the wideness of my    and like a beginner doing that is like doing  your 10 meter swimming badge in primary school    and they’re getting chucked in the Atlantic  Ocean and saying swim home that’s the equivalent    it was very scary very scary but we made it  and we’re here [Music] thank you what do you    think of these rice fields then yeah    to pay to take a picture in a nest or a swing    

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