Disney World Vlog | Epcot’s New Moana Attraction & Shops

Disney World Vlog  | Epcot’s New Moana Attraction & Shops
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Disney World

  Moooorning!    And welcome to the first full  day in Walt Disney World,    and we’re going to Epcot today.    It is five something  AM, obviously jet lag.    I’m the type of person  that when I’m up, I’m up.    I’m a Moooorning! person.    So, my Owner’s Locker  was delivered last night,    which is the thing that I have in Florida    that allows me to kind  of like keep some stuff    when I come out here.    Like my American hair straighteners,    some toiletries that are like  full size and, et cetera.    If you want more information about that,    check out my DVC series    that I did with my friend Rachel in May.    And we stayed at Wilderness Lodge.    I talk about it more in that.    I’ve got a tripod in there, basically,    and I’m wondering if I set my phone up,    I might be able to get  like a nice time-lapse    of the sun rising.    (bright upbeat music)    (alarm ringing)    My alarm is going off,  6:58, which means I have,    oh, Taylor Swift.      “This is the time that you can book.”

Lane and Stuff

  I find that Genie+ works a  lot better when I’m by myself    and it’s sometimes the case    that when I’m travelling with other people    we won’t bother with  Genie+, because, you know,    trying to get four or five  people into one reservation    is a lot more difficult than  just me who can slip in.    ‘Cause even if there’s a  part of two that cancel,    I can probably get one of  those Lightning Lane and stuff.    So yeah, I don’t mind it.    I was trying to justify it to myself    but I’m on holiday so I don’t really care.    I appreciate if you’re  new to Disney vlogs,    or you’re prepping for Walt Disney World,    and you have no idea what Genie+ is.    Like getting families to  enjoy each other’s company    and everything like that.   


   I really enjoyed it,  considering that I like thought    I would probably never ride it again,    it’s really nice to do it and  just have a bit of nostalgia.    And I think if you’re  probably comparing it    in terms of like a first time viewing,   which is like a 20 minute walk that way.    And hopefully that’s not a rain cloud.    (Guests chatting indistinctly)    – It’s split in the middle like  a rain cloud though, innit?    – Yeah, it is. Ah, all hail Popbar.    It’s like, if you want dessert afterwards,    this is the place to go.    It is like an ice cream Popsicle,    but then they dip it in  like melted chocolate.    – Mm.  – And put like nuts on it    if you want.  – Okay.    – Hmm. Chef’s kiss.    Although we are going to    

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