WONDER OF EUROPE | Amazing places in European countries

WONDER OF EUROPE | Amazing places in  European countries
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I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of  the most astonishing places in Europe  including spots. From every country on  the continent even the smallest ones.  And some of the  most amazing Landscapes on the planet. From the Heavenly beaches of the South  to the fjords and Frozen lands of the  north. Today you will discover the  wonders of Europe  Lisa Fjord Norway  this extraordinary Fjord measures 26  miles with Rocky walls over 3 000 feet  high  exploring Lisa Fjord  this natural wonder has become an iconic  symbol and one of the most visited  places in the Fjord  upon reaching the top of precastorland  you will feel the vertigo and excitement  take over as you gaze at the abyss  opening beneath your feet  from here the panoramic view of the  Fjord with its Serene Waters of wonder.

Curious Places

one of the most curious places you can  visit in svalbard is the global seed.  Vault where crop seats from countries  all over the world are preserved.  And The Suitor which face  each other  Legend has it that. The Suitor is  courting the Seven Sisters  interestingly Disney’s animated film  Frozen used the Landscapes of this Fjord  and narrow Fjord as inspiration for the  scenery of Arendelle  number nine North Cape Norway  on the edge of Mainland Europe the  island of Mega Roya hosts the enigmatic  North Cape or nordcon known as the  northernmost point.

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